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Friday, September 16, 2016

This Blog has Moved

Thank you for finding my blog. 
If you find yourself here, I would like to let you know this blog has now moved over to WordPress, on its own Domain

Look forward to seeing you there, please say Hello, and leave me a comment. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Human remains found in Calheta

Human bones have been found in Chada - Rochao Arco da Calheta.
The remains seen to be of the elderly lady who went missing in June 2015, as posted on the blog HERE
The ladyLaura dos Santos Jardim, was born in Madeira but a national of Spain, along with bones were some pieces of red cloth, hair and some jewellery.
The area is difficult to access, and was devastated by the recent fires in the area. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ronaldo Tribute Finished

The English artist Richard Wilson, who has spray painted Cristiano Ronaldo on the walls of the Camara of Santo Antonio in Funchal, has completed his work, and what an amazing job he has done. 

Falling rocks close road.

Falling rocks temporarily closed the main road between Sao Vicente and Seixal yesterday. 
The rocks were of significant size and it was very lucky that no cars were hit and nobody injured.

The road was cleared and re-opened by the motorway maintenance, but it is a worry as this is sure to happen again, and this stretch of road seems to be a point where it happens often. 

Photo Angie Gray

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Airport website change.

The website for flight information has changed yet again. 
I have not had a good look round it yet, but this is the link to the new site Aeroporto Madeira

Thanks to Dave for letting me know about the change. 

Richard Wilson Paints Ronaldo

British artist Richard Wilson had one dream, when seeing Portugal win the European Cup in July.
He wanted to paint Cristiano Ronaldo on a wall in his home town Santo Antonio, Funchal Madeira.

This is taken from his FACEBOOK PAGE.

July 10th I think it was, watching Portugal v France in European championship. Ronaldo goes off injured and I was just thinking the irony of it, Portugal will def win now. I felt for him (no really) (NO REALLY!)
to not be playing in that game.
I can't think of any other footballer who seems to want to win as much, who seems as dedicated. The mans an ATHLETE! I really like him 💪🏾
I said to myself I'm gonna go and paint him in Madeira where he's from. It's taken nearly 2 months, there's no spray paint on the island, I thought I could get paint in Lisbon and take a ferry...oh sh&£ no ferries at all. So at this point I'm kinda determined, looking at shipping costs etc etc,and at same time a random random phone call to my real friend Jerry Lyons, the fixer...and we end up getting the council in Santo Antonio there, proposing to me they will build me a wall for this idea! They had seen the Leicester wall, and are so into it. In the end we are painting Cristiano's portrait on a 10m tall wall on the town hall which overlooks Santo Antonio (Ronaldos home town) Everyone I've spoken to there are so nice, working hard to make this happen.
We had the paint shipped in from the factory in Barcelona, I can't wait to get there, see the wall, see the ridiculous stash of paint. And get started tomorrow! And meet new friends already made.

Feeling unbelievably blessed this morning, to be able to travel somewhere I'm sure is amazing...can't wait to see the island, paint, and take it all in...I got a one way ticket LOL
And the finished result looks amazing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

IMPORTANT News about my blog.

Hi All, 

I have been in the process of changing my blog over to the WordPress platform. 
This change is nearly complete, and will happen over the next day or two.
Photos in the blog in Blogger, could not be transferred, so all photos have had to be entered manually, which I have had help with from a good friend, all photos in the early posts (first 2 years) are still being uploaded, but will eventually be complete in the next week or so.

WordPress is totally new to me and a little more complicated than blogger, but I have been learning from YouTube videos, and over the coming years I hope my blog grows as much as it has in its first 4 years. 

if you signed up to the blog with your google account, you may need to sign up again, as I have not found a way to transfer you over. 

I hope the blog is easy for you to sign up, and also leave comments. 

If you notice any problems with the new blog please let me know and I will see these problems are dealt with quickly. 

So once again, a huge thank you for all your support, and will see you on the New Look Blog very soon.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Madeira wins GOLD again.

Madeira has won gold yet again in The World Travel Awards. 
Winning Europe's Leading Island Destination 2016 to receive the gold award, we also won this back in 2013 and 2014, and in 2015 Madeira won gold for Worlds Leading Island Destination.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wine Festival Parade Today

The Wine Festival has been going on since Thursday in Madeira, and today for the very first time there will be a parade for this festival.
The parade will start at 4pm and will run along Avenida do Mar, the same route the Flower Festival and Carnival take.